Angry man wants his train

Angry man waiting on the platform with the rest of us, but while the rest of us stood there looking impatiently at an empty track and mentally wishing the train to appear, this man took it upon himself to shout abuse at…erm…well who knows…but shout he did.

“This is ridiculous, what’s the matter with you, ever since you took over this line the service has been useless”.  

Angry man’s sentences had a liberal sprinkling of the ‘F’ word, which I choose to omit. 

“If I ran my business like you run yours then I’d be broke in 3 days”. 

Based on his demeanour, posture, and choice of words I can only assume his business is something in the alcohol industry.  He continued his tirade of abuse but ran out of things to say so ended up with sentences containing just the ‘F’ word.

This stupid man then turned and blamed the one staff member on the platform, who was waiting with a ramp to assist onto the train another customer who uses a wheelchair.  I have never seen any face look more bored than this poor worker.  He  has clearly been verbally assaulted all of his transport working life and this was just another in a long line of misplaced abuse.  He didn’t comment, look at the man, or even bat an eyelid.  Truth be told, nor did anyone else.

The only difference that this revolting man made in the life of the rest of us was that the rest of us were now not only mentally willing the train to appear but also mentally willing angry man to get on a different train.

It didn’t help much when an announcement said the train on our platform was now ready to board, when the train still hadn’t actually appeared.  While that made a few of us smile wryly I think it takes little imagination to picture what angry man thought of it.

Lucky me though, after I’d been sitting down on the train that did arrive a few minutes later, angry man appeared from behind me and sat immediately in front of me.  By the time he called what I assumed was his wife he had calmed down, or started to sober up, and became just another mobile phone passenger, happily telling his wife that he’ll be home in 15 minutes.  Lucky her.


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