Bananas are not the only fruit

I had been working late, not that late that the trains would be empty, but late enough for me to need people around me to extra behave themselves.  I wasn’t expecting them to of course.  And I wasn’t disappointed.

Second stop along from Liverpool Street an ordinary looking man got on and sat directly opposite me.  He took an apple out of his bag and ate it ravenously.  Assuming he too had just come from a long day I tried to ignore my irritation at the fact that he couldn’t wait a short while to eat.  As he put the core in his bag I decided he was an okay chap as I hate litter bugs.  However as he withdrew his hand from putting in the apple core he was holding a banana, which he quickly, but carefully, peeled and chomped his way through.  Hmm, okay by now I thought it was a tad too much.

He redeemed himself again by putting the skin in his bag.  He then took some time scrabbling around in his bag and pulled out his large fat hand full of fruit and nut mix, which he proceeded to gobble, thoroughly relishing each with repulsive chomping.  One at an irritating time.  His arm moved up and down continuously in one smooth action for 5 minutes.  With each movement his hand waved just above the top of my book I must have failed to read the first paragraph a dozen times.

Astoundingly as he finished his last nut he scrabbled around in his bag again and pulled out another apple!!  By this time I had given up trying to read and just glared in bewilderment at him, to which he seemed totally oblivious.  Thankfully by the time he’d finished this apple we arrived at his stop.

I guess that at least in his house the bowl of fruit will never go off.


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