Everything wrong!

I got on a nice, quiet train and took a comfortable (as comfortable as is possible considering the train is a thousand years old and smells like a steaming bog) at the end of the carriage.  Silly, silly me!

On got a loud woman, saying “here or at the end?”  No, no, please, make it ‘here’… :/  She and her collection of 3 excitable kids not yet hitting their teenage years bundled down the end of the carriage.  The 3 kids sat on the group of 4 chairs the other side of the aisle and the woman, who was completely nondescript, sat opposite me.

They had clearly had fun so far in the day, but really, why do people think it’s okay to bring noisy, excitable children on the commuting trains?  Just because they’re not at work they seem to think the rest of the world are having nice relaxing Easter holidays also.

The kids played some sort of game on their phones – individually but with the need to share every action and success or otherwise  with each other, all squealing simultaneously.  The woman, who clearly wasn’t the parent of any of them, tried to be ‘cool’ with the kids.  She was not.  Then after being ignored for a while by them she turned her attention to her own phone and made an interesting – not – call.  After a few minutes of talking, and whilst still talking, she picked out her ‘news’paper, balanced it on her knee and proceeded to turn the pages with a noisy and violent flick, not reading a single word, just flicking the paper.

Another woman got on the train at the next stop and squeezed in between the woman opposite me and the window and proceeded to chomp her way through stinky cream cheese and chives crisps.  I didn’t see them, but boy oh boy I could smell them.  I once tried cream cheese and chive flavour crisps.  Blurgh!  So, now I had 3 excitable and noisy children, and woman chatting loudly and inanely on the phone whilst flicking the pages of a paper on her lap, and another woman eating stinking crisps.

I had to turn on my MP3 to try to take the edge off my rising blood pressure.  Ah, wonderful ‘Singing in the rain’ actually helped me calm down temporarily and in small blocks of time.  Then bliss – ‘Stranger in paradise’ came on (I’d hit the musicals section on my MP3 🙂 ) and I was temporarily transcended to a beautiful place.  Until the next chomp, squeal or insane chortling!  Still, a second here or there!

I turned 10 pages of my book and cannot recall a single word.

My heart totally went out to the poor man who was in the opposite corner surrounded by these children and too polite to move.  I wasn’t too polite to move – I was too lazy.

My journey from the station continued to wind me up.  Two stupid teenagers decided to cycle past me on the pavement and then stopped less than 3 metres in front of me.  Why in God’s name did they feel the need to cycle past!  If I suddenly stop writing my blog you will know that I pushed my luck once too often by telling such idiots what I thought of them cycling on the pavement…

15 minutes later  I was home and shortly after all was again right with the world.  Thank goodness not only for music, but also for alcohol!



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