Okay, so let me start by saying I am too old to know whether or not a new ‘fashion’ is attractive.  But let’s get one thing straight…that does not stop me from having an opinion 🙂

I notice this year the trend for women is the mid-calf length trouser.  I do not see who finds this attractive or even comfortable.  I’m not talking about peddle-pushers, jeggings, or other trousers that are of a firm material that generally fits the shape of the leg, I am talking about flowing material usually used for full length trousers.  The very nature of this fabric dictates its optimum length is to the foot, otherwise it will not, and cannot, hang straight.  These ‘proper’ trousers do not hang straight when cut off mid-calf.

These short trousers are clearly deliberately chosen and not look in the back of your wardrobe because you haven’t laundered for some cheapo, can’t afford new clothes, thing two sizes too small that will do.  So these women have looked at these trousers and thought it a good idea to not only buy them but to actually to wear them out in public.

The trouble with these is that the wearers have chosen them as a fashion statement and yet they look hideous and I will tell you why.  Not only does the fabric hang awkwardly, especially whilst walking, but the leg of the trouser is cut off mid-calf.  Now, if you look, the mid-calf expands from the ankle, so it gives the mental impression that the leg is just continuing on an outward trajectory, and because the trousers are loose there is not definition to show the leg goes back in at the top of the calf muscle.

This year’s fashion for men is clearly to wear trousers, turned up at the bottom, with no socks, and with shoes not sandals.  It is a generational statement of being young and fashionable.  Well, I say that, but I also see the older gentleman who clearly has a mental image of himself as a decade or two younger than he is and who thinks he looks great.  I followed to the station today a middle aged man with turned up trousers and no socks.  I couldn’t make up my mind whether to think “well done you” or “mutton dressed as lamb”.  I’m sure he would totally have hung on my every word and greatly valued my opinion but sadly I didn’t share them with him.

I am put in mind of a song from Oliver in which there is a line “displays a pretty ankle to all of the men”.  Only taken 180 years for men to catch up with women (okay, the song was written in the 1960s but the era was the 1830s).

I have to confess that I don’t think the look is unflattering at all, and I am surprised at how delicate men’s ankles are!  but what causes me to think further about it is that does this not make their feet sweaty and smelly?  I suppose they could be wearing those hideous trainer socks.  You know the ones – where either one or both of them are bundled up within your shoe, halfway down your foot, before you even get to the station.  But I have never noticed these so assume the majority of these trendy men are barefoot and smellyfoot.

I think it is obvious from the above that I don’t know anything about fashion, but one thing I DO know I will share with you.  This is yours for free…

If you buy a jacket or a skirt with an open pleat you will find a small, thin thread holding together the bottom of the open pleat.  This thread is to keep the jacket or skirt hanging properly, and uncreased, from the factory and warehouse through to the retailer’s hangers.  This tacking is supposed to be cut once you have bought it.  So please REMOVE it!

I have lost count of the number of people I have walked behind with an open pleat on skirt or jacket that is tacked at the end with the ephemeral piece of cotton still in place.  This makes the garment hang awkwardly, especially in motion, and weird creases appear.  Oh, it also makes you look stupid.  With a skirt it also impedes movement.  So, for anyone who does not know this – that piece of cotton is honestly only there to keep it looking nice on the hanger.  Once you buy it and take it home you are expected to remove it.

Many’s the time I have wanted to tell someone but I only see it as they overtake me and I am just way too lazy to bother to speed up to enlighten them.

By the way, if you are someone who thinks pockets in the jacket you have bought are just for show, have another look – they probably also have cotton waiting to be removed!  That’s also for free.




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