Legs, legs, legs

Since the dawn of time man has sought to find a way to woo woman.  From chocolates, wine, dinner, surprise holidays and gifts, having a muscular and toned physique to being sensitive, good at listening and not having to be asked to share the tedium of chores.

All of these are good.  Very good.  BUT.  The way to make every woman on the train, plane, bus, tram or tube instantly fall in love with you and respect you is simple.  It involves a tiny movement on your part.  It involved moving your knees together.

Because women comparatively, and for the most part, are physically smaller it does NOT mean they welcome your splayed legs into their personal space.  Believe it or not, women do not relish that knees squashed together feeling they have to endure to make room for yours.  They care not a jot for having some stranger’s knees overlapping their allocated seat space, taking up a good quarter or half of it. threatening to bang into theirs at every jolt of the train.

It is not okay to sit with your knees at a 45 degree angle when you’re not even nursing a suitcase in-between them.  When there is nothing but air in-between your knees have the good grace to pull them together a tad.

No woman is impressed by you trying to get your knees at right angles to each other.  No woman will swoon at how wide you have to spread your legs.  I guarantee that the simple act of keeping to your own space by pulling your knees together a bit will earn you the respect, devotion, and every kind of good wish you could ever use up in your entire lifetime, from every woman next to whom you sit.  I guarantee it.


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