Queue jumpers

No, no, no, no, it is NOT okay to push in front of other people.  I am referring here to the inconsiderate people who walk through the inside of the carriages to avoid queueing with the rest of us along the platform to get out of the station.

Every single morning when my train reaches its destination at a main London terminus there are hundreds of people getting off and wanting to get out of the station as soon as is humanly possible.  Mind you, once we are out we only have to queue to get past one road work after another!

I’ve never worked out how many people can get on a train, but lets estimate 100 people per carriage (based on numbers of available seats plus several standing), that makes my train hold 800 people.  800 hundred people who don’t want to be there – apart from maybe a couple of people who are going to start a new job – but we mostly try to rub along, not literally…in most cases, and try to observe personal space where possible.  So, here we are at the end of the journey, everyone eager to get out of the train and away from the stale smells of too many human bodies squeezing uncomfortably into a canister with its own stains and resulting smells.  The train stops and passengers pour out of the train onto the platform.  As more passengers land onto the platform there is an inevitable slowing of foot traffic and by the time I join it there is usually the equivalent of at least 2 carriages worth of tortoise-paced people in front of me.

Okay, well that’s rubbish enough, but then I see cute and clever people walking up the inside of the train, through each carriage and up to the first one where they disembark.  This is not okay.  They are pushing in.

I would bet every single last penny I own now and ever will in the future that nobody wants to queue to get out of the station.  NOBODY!  Those passengers who push in this way may think they’re cute and clever but they are just selfish, inconsiderate, unaware morons, and I wish upon each and every selfish one of them a boring day at work!  I hope their boss gives them lots of boring work and I hope they are all forced to stay late to finish said work, to make up for every minute they’ve stolen from other passengers.

They are fortunately a small minority.  I estimate maybe a dozen or so people do this per train, but that’s a dozen or so too many!  If everyone could just take their turn then the foot traffic would move more seamlessly and everyone would get out of the station that bit quicker.  This is exacerbated when two trains arrive on adjacent platforms a couple of minutes apart.

There are of course exceptions.  I wouldn’t want to stop someone rushing to hospital or for a job interview, but let’s face it, that’s not going to be very many of them!  No, 99.99% of people pushing in are just greedy people pushing in.

I take the most puerile pleasure in ensuring anyone trying to get off the train like this in front of me fails dismally.  Let’s all join hands and make these scoundrels wait 😀




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