Are golfing umbrellas a suitable sized umbrella to use in The City?  I’m going to go ahead and say NO they are not!  Many streets in The City are barely wide enough for two people side by side or passing each other, so where do these people think their enormous umbrella is going to go?  I’ll tell you where they go – into the way of other pedestrians.

Thanks to the rotten Crossrail sites, gas pipe replacements, building works, and anonymous road works pedestrians have to squeeze through bottle neck after bottle neck.  I fail to see how the council permits so many works to happen in such close proximity to each other at the same time.  They clearly think pedestrians don’t matter or perhaps they think pedestrians can fly.  Whatever they think they are hideously wrong and every day what in years gone by would be a leisurely 10 minute walk for me from station to work now takes nearly 20 minutes of stress-induced queueing, waiting, squeezing through, and being bumped through one pedestrian bottle neck after another.

Then, if we are lucky enough to have rainfall we have the run-off from the umbrellas of others to contend with.  Some people opt for the hooded coat option, or the let your head get wet option in preference to navigating narrow streets with an open umbrella.  Out of those who opt for the umbrella 95% of them use the standard size.  So it is a small number of people who are inconsiderate and use the enormous size.  But what they lack in numbers and manners they make up for in size!

If one is playing golf, where there is space, it makes sense.  In the City of London, where there is no space, it makes no sense.  I have been stabbed in the back of my head twice by idiots unable to control their enormous umbrella.  And it is so difficult passing these idiots as there is nowhere to move your own umbrella. I fail to understand why or how these selfish people cannot see how much they get in the way and how much they inconvenience others.

On a totally different subject, although on the same walk to work, I passed an Eat sandwich shop.  I did a double take at the poster I saw in their window.  It said

Eat. Smile. Eat. Repeat.

I’m afraid it made me laugh out loud.  I guess it’s an age or generational thing but to me if you talk about food and repeating it means you’ve burped.  It is a delicate way of excusing a burp by saying your food has just repeated on you!  And it is not going to tempt me to buy their food if it’s going to repeat on me 😀


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