August 14th Monday…

A Monday is never a good day when at work, unless the adverts are to be believed.  And let’s face it, adverts are not to be believed.  Still, my Monday started okay with a nice quiet, relatively empty – thank you summer holidays – train.  My first day back after two weeks’ of wonderful leave.  The leave wasn’t in itself wonderful, although it was jolly nice, it was the being away from work and the commute that was wonderful.  Imagine being able to get up whenever I felt like it and not to have to squeeze onto public transport.  What’s not to love about that!

The train was peaceful but bizarrely the heating was on.  Well, I guess it was only August the 14th so best to be on the safe side and make everyone on the train toasty warm.

Still, if that’s my only problem then I am more than happy – that’s a result!

Full day at work not too bad, but tiring none the less.  Train home.  Walking to the station in fits and starts.  There’s no such thing as a constant walk when walking the commute to the station.  Rotten traffic lights telling vehicles they have the right of way and I have to wait.  Rotten pedestrians getting in my way.  Don’t they know I want to get to my train!

After fighting my way to the station I sat comfortably on the train.  Hmm, I say comfortably but I think anyone who’s ever commuted knows that’s an oxymoron.  What I in fact did was sit next to a man whose spread-eagled legs reached halfway across my own seat.  That was until I planted my briefcase heavily upon his right knee, waking him to the fact that I was indeed going to claim my own space and not let his machismo ego take my space from me.  He was an older middle aged person painstakingly typing out an email on his phone.  Young people will laugh at the slow speed with which type, and I in turn will laugh at the person slower than me.  I would have laughed except his 10 minute message gently nudged my arm at each tap, tap, tap.  Regardless of how much over-emphasised jerking movement I made with my left arm.

He quickly became the least irritating person on the train.  Directly to my right was a man and woman, not a couple, who felt the need to shout their ‘interesting’ conversation to each other.  It was so interesting that I recall not a jot of it.  Directly in front of me, and on the other side of the aisle was a lovey-dovey couple.  The aisle was not going to get in the way of their lovey-doviness and they proceeded to hold hands across the aisle, gazing longingly at each other and whispering conspiratorially to each other.  I looked around but couldn’t locate the sick bucket…

It was much more comfortable for him than it was for her.  He was lovingly caressing her hand on his own knee.  This meant that her right arm was stretched fully out across the aisle.  She must have really been besotted by him to sit in such a painful position for a good 15 minutes.  Besotted…needy…crazy…I sometimes get my words mixed up.

They were fairly quiet but every so often the cutesy, lovey-dovey gurgles drowned out the gentle nudging of the chap next to me.  I eventually got off the train and proceeded with the fight to get out of the station.  The newly erected ticket barriers are of such a poor design that it creates congestion with each new delivery of train passengers.   Apparently people who never use ticket barriers, or do any research whatsoever, are put in charge of designing the location of ticket barriers.

I got to the other side of the barrier and suddenly the crowd thinned, I was once again left in relative peace to wend my weary way home.  By the time I got home – and had poured a wee drink – I felt fine again.

Looking forward to my commute tomorrow.


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