I don’t stand where you stand

Two nights ago I went out after work for a very enjoyable pizza and glass of wine… and limoncello… It was still pretty early by the time I caught my train, around 9.30pm and it was busy, but not packed.  A heavy-set middle-aged man sat down next to me.  His suit was crumpled and his face ruddy and I would guess he’d also had a convivial evening.  He clearly wanted to pretend otherwise though as he studiously stared at his open book, I think he even once managed to turn a page.

I wouldn’t have particularly noticed him except that he leaned very heavily against me.  I fidgeted a few times and most of the time he straightened up and moved off my arm, but not always.  I couldn’t tell if he was drunk or just a creep.  Probably a bit of both.

Last night I worked a little late and got to the station about 7.30pm.  I stood on the concourse looking up at the destination board.  A woman and a man came and stood less than a meter in front of me.  They were both a bit taller than me so it became quite difficult to see the board, but I wasn’t going to bother moving.  Then the man leant across and kissed the woman seductively (at least I assume that’s what he thought it was – I thought it was gross) on the cheek.  He then turned his cheek for her to kiss him.  Clearly a ritual.  Clearly a revolting and highly irritating ritual.

Apart from the fact that this was just yucky to watch, the fact that they did it so close to me when I was staring directly at them, well, staring at the board but they were in my line of vision, was peculiar.  A minute passed and I saw him again lean in and slaver in her ear and kiss her cheek.  Then he turned his cheek and she kissed him.  Seriously – how can anyone maintain a relationship with such a preposterous irritating habit?!

The third time he did it he finally caught my eye – my eye that made no attempt to look away – and he did look a bit embarrassed.  However, he had committed to their ritual so they finished it.  I have no idea whether or not his embarrassment would have stopped further displays of… of yukiness… as fortunately my train had arrived and I could remove myself from the concourse.

This morning when I was standing on the platform a woman walked past me and stood about 3 meters further down the platform.  I sensed she was looking at me and I did a mental check that all my clothes were done up and not caught up in socks or anything.  She started to walk towards me and chuckled a little, saying, as she continued to walk back past me, “I don’t stand where you stand”.  I had no idea I wasn’t invisible 😀


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