Elbows rear their ugly head again

Monday morning commute after the summer holidays is never going to be jolly.  I, along with hundreds of others on my route took an extra few minutes in bed than perhaps was wise, meaning the late train I got was packed.

Due to years of experience I knew exactly where to stand to get a seat the stop following the one at which I had embarked 🙂 . I sat down in a middle seat between two women, both of whom surprisingly had spacial awareness and all 3 of us sat tucking in our arms.

The woman by the window however had to look at her phone to see what the reminder was for – this is an assumption based on the familiar beep beep beep of my own calendar reminder – she fumbled some time for the phone that was in her right hand coat pocket, the side next to me.  Because she was trying not to bump me she raised her elbow to…well…to head height!  And because of this unusual angle she fumbled even more and so I had her elbow waving a couple of inches from my left eye for about 10 seconds.  10 seconds doesn’t sound very long, but when flinching from a waving elbow it certainly felt long!

I became increasingly irritated with this woman because she was drinking a coffee.  Now, I love coffee and could easily have had one also, but what I don’t love about coffee is the smell coming from others.  She kept yawning without covering her mouth, and so with each yawn she projected forth for all to enjoy the smell of coffee mixed with her breakfast and bacteria.  It was yuk.

Once I was off the train and walking along the busy pavement I encountered yet another elbow, this time a stupid woman suddenly reaching around to her own handbag, that was over her left shoulder, to retrieve I don’t know what.  She made no attempt to be careful and so I found myself turning sideways in an attempt to avoid her whilst not crashing into the person behind or beside me.  

5 minutes later I encountered an even more dangerous person.  A man in front of me, slightly to my right, was carefully pulling a little at his backpack.  I was in the process of overtaking him when suddenly his left arm came round out horizontally in front of my face.  It was so close I felt the breeze from this action.  All he was doing was straightening his jacket from under his backpack and clearly thought the quickest way would be to launch his arm straight out.  Having grown up in London I tend not to verbalise my emotions and so didn’t say anything or react in any way to this near miss and it was only after I’d walked on a few paces that I realised how close I had just come to having my lights punched out 😀 .  Of course by the time I had realised it, it would have been ridiculous to turn back to confront him, so I walked on as if nothing had happened.  He certainly reacted as if nothing had happened.

Ah, the joys of commuting are just so endless.  Repetitive, but endless 😀

Still, at least the young ‘un in the attached photo made an effort to look nice for his fellow commuters on this morning’s train…



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