Billy Bunter

Just before the Bank Holiday weekend I decided to leave work early to give myself an even longer break.  I wasn’t holding out much hope for my journey home as I knew mid-afternoon could be irritating on the train as they often contain people who think travelling on a dishevelled and dirty train is fun… Continue reading Billy Bunter

Bananas are not the only fruit

I had been working late, not that late that the trains would be empty, but late enough for me to need people around me to extra behave themselves.  I wasn’t expecting them to of course.  And I wasn’t disappointed. Second stop along from Liverpool Street an ordinary looking man got on and sat directly opposite me.  He took… Continue reading Bananas are not the only fruit

What to do with rubbish

I learned something new today.  The centimetre between the seats and side of the train are apparently where your empty croissant bag must be squeezed into.  Especially if you want to copy your what your kissy lover has just done with theirs… Sadly it is not possible to squeeze your coffee cup into the same… Continue reading What to do with rubbish