Boys with bags with straps

So, the thing is, men are just not practiced enough to manage hand/man bags on the train, even when disguised as a manly backpack.  Back in the day, men carried either a briefcase in the hand, or stuffed everything unattractively into pockets.  Nowadays men recognise the value of having a bag that can be carried over… Continue reading Boys with bags with straps

Everything wrong!

I got on a nice, quiet train and took a comfortable (as comfortable as is possible considering the train is a thousand years old and smells like a steaming bog) at the end of the carriage.  Silly, silly me! On got a loud woman, saying “here or at the end?”  No, no, please, make it ‘here’…… Continue reading Everything wrong!

Angry man wants his train

Angry man waiting on the platform with the rest of us, but while the rest of us stood there looking impatiently at an empty track and mentally wishing the train to appear, this man took it upon himself to shout abuse at…erm…well who knows…but shout he did. “This is ridiculous, what’s the matter with you,… Continue reading Angry man wants his train

What to do with rubbish

I learned something new today.  The centimetre between the seats and side of the train are apparently where your empty croissant bag must be squeezed into.  Especially if you want to copy your what your kissy lover has just done with theirs… Sadly it is not possible to squeeze your coffee cup into the same… Continue reading What to do with rubbish